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Firenze. 28 November, 2022

Dear Friends.

I have been so pleased to be part of our work to learn about, conserve and restore our cultural heritage with all of you.  I think you can now officially at this point do a "Mircea Tour" of Florence... You've all helped in your own way to create a memorial that continues today. From Palazzo Vecchio, to Santa Maria del Carmine, over to Santo Spirito and SS Annuniziata. No standing at a grave for Mircea. No. He would never have wanted that. As you can see in the latest blog post for the foundation,  Mircea's memory continues in a delicate, deep research work. Always young, always beautiful, always learning, always giving back to the world around him through art conservation.

I look forward to seeing you here in Florence upon completion of Federica and Daniela's work in a few months time. And to celebrate the talent at the Association Bastioni . http://www.associazionebastioni.com/ An association of conservationists of whom Mircea was a proud member until his death. Bacio a tutti. Luke


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To date, thanks to the generous support of donors from around the world, we have completed three major restoration and conservation works around Florence. We now have two further major restoration projects which are now underway from January 2021. 

We are also excited about the expansion of our support for new art conservation talent and the Mircea Art Restoration Studio Space,  funded by the Foundation for new talent to learn and grow in the Bastioni Conservation Studio in Florence. 

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