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Firenze, 25 July 2023

Dear Friends.

I am so glad to inform you that after more than a year of careful work by our friends Federica Corsini and Daniela Lippi from the Associazione Bastioni here in Florence, with the support and insights of Dr. Lia Brunori, Bernardo Daddi’s portable triptych from 1333 is restored and ready to be placed again in the Bigallo Museum. The unveiling and official replacement of the work  to its original place in the museum for the public to enjoy  is expected by the end of the year.

Until then, Daddi’s masterpiece is now as serene and beautiful as it was over 700 years ago. We will let you know when we unveil the work and hope you can join us to celebrate the hard work of our cultural heritage conservator-restorer colleagues that dear Mircea was proud to learn from and support each other in their work. And also to celebrate our shared memory and awareness of the past, to inform, guide and inspire our future.

All the best, and thank you all for your continuing support to the Foundation .

Luke Olbrich


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