Supporting Talent

Making the world a better place through Art Conservation

In addition to practical restoration projects, we have determined that it would be important to balance out the specific conservation of important artworks in Florence, to also support new talent. This determination reflects, Mircea’s membership as a student and then newly minted conservator, where his membership and work in the Bastioni studios exposed him to the world of art conservation.  His participation in the Association and working there was one of the highlights of his life.

As a result, in 2016 and again in 2017 and 2018 we provided stipends to ten students to cover costs required to attend the Italian branch of the International Conservation and Restoration societies’ annual conference in Italy Lo Stato dell’Arte 2016 – State of the Arts 2017.

In 2020, we expanded the programme to also support new art conservation talent by sponsoring a space at the Bastioni Association’s studios in Florence Italy. To date, Ms. Elisa Paolini, Ms. Camilla Pucetti completed three months at the Bastioni studios with their fees covered by the Foundation. And in February 2021 Ms Sofia Bovo is now taking advantage of the support from the foundation working in the Bastioni having recently received her diploma in Restoration from the Institute Spinelli in Florence. Three new talents expanding their exposure to the craft and business of art conservation surrounded by some of the leading talents across multiple disciplines of art conservation. Benvenuto Sofia e Buon lavoro!

The MMG Foundation New Talent Programme

And so we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new programme in the Foundation to support new art conservation talent to leverage a stipend from the Foundation to cover all costs for access to a space at the Bastioni.  The programme allows a new art conservator the chance, for three months, free of charge, to avail of a working space at the Association Bastioni studio in Florence Italy. The programme gives access to the studio and the workspace at any time, covers membership and studio costs, and thereby allowing new talent to be surrounded by some of the best, seasoned art conservators, across all disciplines and thereby learn and develop their craft.

Interested in taking advantage of the MMG Foundation New Talent Programme?

Just click on the Contacts button in the upper right hand corner and let us know the project or projects you would like to carry out, at what time (3 months period), and we’ll review and revert with appropriateness and availability.  There is only one spot available at a time, so bear with us if there is not an availability exactly at the time you’d like.