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Making the world a better place through Art Conservation

We are so pleased that you have shown interest in the Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation. The Foundation was begun in 2016 after Mircea, a loving husband, son, friend and art conservation colleague, passed away too soon. The mission of the foundation is to provide the art conservation community, in conjunction with the Association Bastioni, located in Florence, Italy, with the ability to undertake projects that might not otherwise get done. To allow art conservators to test new techniques conserving artworks around Florence, the home of the Renaissance. Allow the local and worldwide  community to continue to learn and be inspired by our shared history; and last but not least to support new talent with their studies and provide space and guidance for them to develop their talent.  All in memory of Mircea.

Luke Olbrich, Founder and President, Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation

As society today struggles with unprecedented challenges, the Foundation offers a way to see a peaceful future by understanding and admiring our past.

And so it may seem that getting involved or supporting art conservation and restoration, through the Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation, may seem like something far removed from today’s concerns.

But we’d like to tell why it is even more important than ever before to delve into our past, the rich treasure of humanity, reflected in the beauty of art.  

It is from that experience that we can learn from those who have gone through all of the challenges we face today; plagues, civil strife, economic challenges.  Discovering lasting lessons to bring about a better tomorrow.

Taking the world out of a Dark Age and finding order in society, through learning and art. A continual renaissance/riscinemento/rebirth. That’s what we’re all about. That and having a good laugh, and glass of wine, while we’re at it.  

The Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation for the Conservation and Restoration of Art 

The Foundation and it’s works are supported by a Trust, set up by Luke Olbrich, Mircea’s husband, and the Trust funds all aspects of the operational aspects of the Foundation. All funds donated go directly, therefore, to the projects, as well as the students and new talent supported by the Foundation. The Trust also funds directly projects and other efforts in addition to the donors.

The Foundation works with the not for profit Bastioni Association, of which Mircea was an active member, and whose talented 100+ members work together to support each other in the field of art conservation and restoration in a wide range of specialisations. You can learn more about the Association Bastioni through their website. Associazione Bastioni

Through the Foundation’s partnership with the Association Bastioni, we hope to make the world a better place, by learning from our past. 

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