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Dear Friends of the Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation.

I’m pleased to inform you that the Trustees of the Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation, with the input of the honorary members of the Board of Directors of the Association Bastioni, have selected the two projects to be funded by the MMG Foundation in memory of Mircea, Q4 2020/Q1 2021.

The two chosen projects for 2020-2021 are:

  1. IL RESTAURO DELLA PORTA DEL SOCCORSO DEL CORO DELLA SANTISSIMA ANNUNZIATA – La Carita’ di Jean de Boulogne detto Giambologna (1529-1608) created ca 1578. Conservator/Restorer of Cultural Heritage, Emanuela Peiretti will act as the project manager alongside restorer Francesca Colombi. Diagnostics will be carried-out by the firm Adarte.
  1. L’Arcangelo Raffaele e Tobiolo de Giovanni Baratta – Grande altorilievo a stucco e marmo Ca. 1696-1698  Basilica di Santo Spirito, Firenze


Conservator/Restorer of Cultural Heritage Chiara Piani will act as project manager and lead restorer alongside Ana Isabel Gomez Prieto, Serena Tizzanini and Alejandro Salvador Guevara Jaramillo. Ottaviano Caruso will provide technical support for the non-invasive diagnostics and video overview during the project. Project supervision for the Florentine superintendancy will be carried out by art historian Dott.ssa Maria Maugeri and relative state funded architect.

Whilst these two projects that will represent the MMG Foundation and thereby Mircea’s continued legacy have been selected, we would like to thank all of the members who submitted their inspired proposals:

  • Arianna Martinelli
  • Caterina Canetti
  • Elena Bartolozzi
  • Federica Corsini
  • Gianlorenzo Piagnetti
  • Gianmaria Scenini
  • Irene Segrera
  • Kyoko Nakahara
  • Miriam Ricci
  • Nicholas Castelli
  • Valeria Cocchetti


The legacy of both my husband Mircea and in this case my mother Phyllis are humbly honored by each of your proposals, the initiatives that will be supported, and more generally the importance of the work you all do for a more beautiful, gentle society.

Look forward to seeing you all and if any questions just give me a shout.

I will be back in Firenze from tomorrow for a few weeks and so very much looking forward to kicking off the work.

Luke Olbrich, President and Founder Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation and Trust, and Honorary Board Member of the Association Bastioni.