The Mircea Maria Gerard Foundation is pleased to announce that thanks to the generous and loving legacy of Ms Phyllis Olbrich, the MMGTrust has awarded two grants in the amount of Euro 20,000 (twenty thousand) each to cover the costs for a conservation/restoration project put forth by a member or a group of members of the Associazione Bastioni. The two awards were granted in August, 2020 and you can find out more about the two significant projects that are now starting in 2021 on this site.  

Ms Phyllis Olbrich, mother of Mr Luke Olbrich, founder of the MMG Foundation, died peacefully on the 6th of December 2019. Apart from Luke, Phyllis had three other sons, Matthew, Mark and John and was often heard referring to Mircea as her fifth son. A woman of substance and courage, with incredible faith in God, her Church and Humanity, Phyllis was a pioneer in the 1960’s for civil rights movements and throughout her life; a humanist at heart and staunch defender of those considered marginalised by society regardless of gender, race, or creed. Phyllis cared, she cared for those in need and shared that sense of care with all her sons and family. And wholeheartedly encouraged and supported Mircea’s decision to change careers from lawyer to art restorer. The first MMG Foundation projects for 2021 are dedicated to the memory of those who never feared love and who with love will always be remembered.

For more information on this initiative and the projects now underway please click here.